Getting issue in CGPath Scale


I am drawing polygon using CGPath and adding to CAShapeLayer.I want to scale my CGPath when user click on it. I know how to scale CGPath. But when i click my CGPath, my CGPath drawing far from centre while i am drawing polygon in centre.

CGAffineTransform scaleTransform = CGAffineTransformMakeScale(scaleFactor, scaleFactor); CGPathRef oldPath = polygonLayer.path; CGPathRef scaledPath = CGPathCreateCopyByTransformingPath(oldPath, &scaleTransform); polygonLayer.path = scaledPath;


The problem is that you're used to UIView transformation, which is done from the center of the view.<br /> CGPath transformation is done on the points (imagine CGPointZero as the center of the path).<br /> My solution: translate to CGPointZero , scale , and then back to your original coordinates.

CGPathRef CGPath_NGCreateCopyByScalingPathAroundCentre(CGPathRef path, const float scale) { CGRect bounding = CGPathGetPathBoundingBox(path); CGPoint pathCenterPoint = CGPointMake(CGRectGetMidX(bounding), CGRectGetMidY(bounding)); CGAffineTransform translateAndScale = CGAffineTransformTranslate( CGAffineTransformMakeScale(scale, scale), - pathCenterPoint.x, -pathCenterPoint.y) ; CGAffineTransform translateBack = CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation(pathCenterPoint.x, pathCenterPoint.y); CGPathRef centeredAndScaled = CGPathCreateCopyByTransformingPath(path, &translateAndScale); CGPathRef translatedPathRef = CGPathCreateCopyByTransformingPath(centeredAndScaled, &translateBack); CGPathRelease(centeredAndScaled); return translatedPathRef; }


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