Symfony2/JmsDIExtraBundle Injecting repository into service using annotations


In my project I’m using annotations with JMSDIExtraBundle. My question is: how I can tell my app that repository should be service so, I can inject it in another service using annotations. <strong>Only way I know is using XML file to define repository as service.</strong> But it’s a very slow process(comparing it to simple @DI\Service which I prefer over defining it in yml or xml files).

I found an alternative solution to XML but I think it's bad idea:

####CustomService.php#### /** * @param EntityManager $em * * @DI\InjectParams({ * "em" = @DI\Inject("doctrine.orm.entity_manager") * }) */ public function __construct(EntityManager $em) { $this->em = $em; }

And somewhere in service:

$entityRepository = $this->em->getRepository(AcmeBundle:Entity);

Any ideas how I can speed up coding process when I need to use repository?


You can define your entity repository as a service and inject it into the service.

As Example, you can configure the repo as a service like:

In a standard Symfony Service definition Way:

####service.xml#### <service id="acme.user.repository" class="Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository" factory-service="doctrine.orm.entity_manager" factory-method="getRepository"> <argument>AcmeDemoBundle:User</argument> </service>

Or using the factory to Service annotation defined in the JMSDiExtraBundle (see <a href="https://github.com/schmittjoh/JMSDiExtraBundle/pull/115" rel="nofollow">this</a>):

/** * @Service("acme.user.repository", factoryService = "doctrine", factoryMethod="getRepository", factoryMethodArguments={ * "persistentObjectName" = "Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\User" * } ) */

And Inject and use it as:

####CustomService.php#### /** * @param Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository $repo * * @DI\InjectParams({ * "repo" = @DI\Inject("acme.user.repository") * }) */ public function __construct(EntityRepository $repo) { $this->repo = $repo; }

Is not a great speedup, but permit to only inject what you need

Hope this help


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