Enable Caching for all reports in SSRS Report Server


I have more than 100 reports in SSRS report server. I need to enable caching for all of those. Right now I am enabling caching through the report manager for each and every report.

<strong>Can we add caching in any of the report servers config files?</strong> So that we can enable caching for all reports at a single place.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks AJ


Below is the script that I used to enable caching in minutes on a list of reports.

Save it as setreportscaching.rss and then run it from the command line:

rs.exe -i setreportscaching.rss -e Mgmt2010 -t -s http://mySsrsBox:8080/ReportServer -v ReportNamesList="OneReport,AnotherReport,YetAnotherOne" -v CacheTimeMinutes="333" -v TargetFolder="ReportsFolderOnServer"

It is easy to modify it to loop through files in some folder rather then take csv list of reports. It has some silly piece of diagnostics that can be commented out for speed.

Public Sub Main() Dim reportNames As String() = Nothing Dim reportName As String Dim texp As TimeExpiration Dim reportPath As String Console.WriteLine("Looping through reports: {0}", ReportNamesList) reportNames = ReportNamesList.Split(","c) For Each reportName In reportNames texp = New TimeExpiration() texp.Minutes = CacheTimeMinutes reportPath = "/" + TargetFolder + "/" + reportName 'feel free to comment out this diagnostics to speed things up Console.WriteLine("Current caching for " + reportName + DisplayReportCachingSettings(reportPath)) 'this call sets desired caching option rs.SetCacheOptions(reportPath, true, texp) 'feel free to comment out this diagnostics to speed things up Console.WriteLine("New caching for " + reportName + DisplayReportCachingSettings(reportPath)) Next End Sub Private Function DisplayReportCachingSettings(reportPath as string) Dim isCacheSet As Boolean Dim expItem As ExpirationDefinition = New ExpirationDefinition() Dim theResult As String isCacheSet = rs.GetCacheOptions(reportPath, expItem) If isCacheSet = false Or expItem is Nothing Then theResult = " is not defined." Else If expItem.GetType.Name = "TimeExpiration" Then theResult = " is " + (CType(expItem, TimeExpiration)).Minutes.ToString() + " minutes." ElseIf expItem.GetType.Name = "ScheduleExpiration" Then theResult = " is a schedule" Else theResult = " is " + expItem.GetType.Name End If End If DisplayReportCachingSettings = theResult End Function


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