Multiple if statements in MySQL trigger


If you have multiple if statements within a MySQL trigger, what is the best approach?

Currently my SQL looks like this:

IF NOT (NEW.status <=> OLD.status) THEN {my sql} ELSEIF NOT (NEW.actual <=> OLD.actual) THEN {my sql} END IF

On first sight this seems to work. However, I noticed that when multiple of the (else)if statements are true, only the first one gets executed (just like in PHP, for example).

How can I just use multiple if's, not necessarily elseif's, so that more than 1 statement is executed? Creating multiple triggers with the same action is not possible, at least that is what phpMyAdmin shows. Putting multiple if's in one trigger results in errors.


Figured it out. Instead of using the visual GUI in phpMyAdmin for creating triggers, I used plain SQL.

So I used this SQL:

delimiter // create t1 after update on my_table for each row begin IF (NEW.status <> OLD.status) THEN {your sql} END IF; IF (NEW.actual <> OLD.actual) THEN {your sql} END IF; end;// delimiter ;

Which works fine. When lookup the trigger up in the phpMyAdmin GUI, I noticed it is because of the begin and end; which have to be added.


if(NEW.shift = 0 )then SELECT `max_morning` , `count_morning` into @max_morning , @count_morning FROM `count_reserve` where `date` = NEW.date_reserve; if(@count_morning is NULL and @max_morning is NULL) then select `max_morning` , `max_evening` into @max_morning , @max_evening from `work_time` where `day` = new.day; insert into `count_reserve` (`date`, `count_morning` , `count_evening`,`from_morning`, `to_morning`, `max_morning`, `from_evening`, `to_evening`, `max_evening` , `status_morning` , `status_evening`) values (NEW.date_reserve , 1 , 0 , NULL, NULL, @max_morning , NULL, NULL, @max_evening ,1, 1); end if end if


Use like this:

IF (NEW.status <> OLD.status) THEN <statement> ELSEIF (NEW.actual <> OLD.actual) THEN <statement> END IF;


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