Compare arrays of objects independent of the order


I have 2 arrays of objects and I have to compare them, but the order of the objects <strong>DOES NOT</strong> matter. I can't sort them because I won't have their keys' names because the functions must be generic. The only information that I'll have about the array is that both array's objects have the same amount of keys and those keys have the same name. So the array1 must contain the same objects as the array2.

var array1 = [{"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}, {"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}]; var array2 = [{"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}, {"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}];

In the example, array1 must be equal array2. I tryed to use the chai .eql() method but it didn't work.


You can array#join each value of the object on an separator and then generate a new array of string and then compare each values using array#every and array#includes

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">var array1 = [{"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}, {"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}]; array2 = [{"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}, {"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}]; values = (o) => Object.keys(o).sort().map(k => o[k]).join('|'), mapped1 = array1.map(o => values(o)), mapped2 = array2.map(o => values(o)); var res = mapped1.every(v => mapped2.includes(v)); console.log(res);


For a solution that requires the arrays to have an equal number of elements, does not require keys to not contain a certain delimiter, requires both keys and (string) values to be the same, and runs in <em>O(nlogn)</em> instead of <em>O(n²)</em>:

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">function equalArrays(a, b) { if (a.length !== b.length) return false; const ser = o => JSON.stringify(Object.keys(o).sort().map( k => [k, o[k]] )); a = new Set(a.map(ser)); return b.every( o => a.has(ser(o)) ); } // Example var array1 = [{"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}, {"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}]; var array2 = [{"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}, {"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}]; console.log(equalArrays(array1, array2)); // true // Example with different key name var array1 = [{"key0":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}, {"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}]; var array2 = [{"key1":"Broccoli", "key2":"Ew"}, {"key1":"Banana", "key2":"Yammy"}]; console.log(equalArrays(array1, array2)); // false


You can do something like following:

For each object in each array you can calc its representation:

arr1.forEach( (obj) => { obj.representation = ''; for (let key of Object.keys(obj)) { obj.representation += obj[key]; } }

Same for arr2

now you can sort both arrays by representation for example and then compare.

To sort do the following:

arr1.sort( (a,b) => { return a.representation > b.representation } ); arr2.sort( (a,b) => { return a.representation > b.representation } );

After sorting you can compare both arrays

let equal = arr1.every( (el, i) => arr2[i]===el );


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