locate behavior with bash wildcards


I have

$ ls -l re*trict ls: cannot access re*trict: No such file or directory

Why does this give 0 matches?

$ locate -c 're*trict' 0 $ locate -c re*trict 0 $ locate -c re?trict 0

This works though and gives 8351 matches:

$ locate -c restrict 8351


locate matches against the full path name. To find re*trict as a substring, you have to add * before and after it:

locate '*re*trict*'


I think the answer is available on the man page:

<em>If any PATTERN contains no glob‐bing characters, locate behaves as if the pattern were *PATTERN*.</em>

Since my PATTERN contains a globbing character it is not expanded to *PATTERN* and so a literal match is tried to be found. Obviously there is no file with name (substituting s) 'restrict' since even under root the name of such file would be /re?trict and the match would fail because of a leading /


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