Create instances of class Rect from opencv 3 in Python


I would like to know how I can get an opencv rect object by providing two Points. The c++ version provides this datastructre.

<a href="http://docs.opencv.org/java/2.4.9/org/opencv/core/Rect.html" rel="nofollow">http://docs.opencv.org/java/2.4.9/org/opencv/core/Rect.html</a>

I cant find a way to instantiate rects in python. I tried cv2.Rect(p1,p2) but this method seems not be existent. Is it even possible?

Thanks in adavance :)


Look for example at this tutorial face detection <a href="http://docs.opencv.org/trunk/d7/d8b/tutorial_py_face_detection.html" rel="nofollow">http://docs.opencv.org/trunk/d7/d8b/tutorial_py_face_detection.html</a> and you'll see that in Python opencv bindings rectangles are tuples/lists of the four coordinates - the results of, for example, faceCascade.detectMultiScale is a list of these - basically, use normal Python capabilities to manage them.

I guess you'll have to write your own overlap/area/contains functions - not terribly diificult - or see other answers here, for example <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25068538/intersection-and-difference-of-two-rectangles/25068722#25068722" rel="nofollow">Intersection and difference of two rectangles</a>

UPDATE - my bad, the rectangles returned by detectMultiScale are (x,y,w,h)


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