How do I install and use WinPcap?


I went to winpcap.org today, downloaded the installer, and installed WinPcap on my Windows 7 laptop PC. However, the folder where it was installed contains only an installation log, an executable called rpcapd.exe, and an uninstall executable. When I run rpcapd.exe a dos shell appears:

Press CTLR+C to stop the server...

and nothing happens until I press CTRL+C, which closes the window. When I create a project in Microsoft Visual Studio and include < pcap.h >, I'm told there is no such file or directory. A search of my computer yields no results. I've tried reinstalling a couple times but with no new results. What am I missing here?


Development with WinPcap requires both the driver install, as well as the developer's pack. Have you installed the <a href="http://www.winpcap.org/devel.htm" rel="nofollow">developer's pack</a>?


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