angular2 test, how to test event is bound to an element


I am writing an angular2 unit test for a component. With fully using JQuery it's possible to find what event is bound to an element. However in Angular2, I am not sure it's possible or not

For example, the following code has a click event, which is a public function of a component

<button (click)="doLogin()" [disabled]="myDisabled">Login</button>

By reading DOM element, I can make it sure all properties and data binding is correct by running a test. Only thing that I don't know is, "event binding is correct or not" because the generated html is like the following


I want to make it sure someone does not delete this event binding in the future by writing a test for it.

In summary, how do I know event is properly bound to DOM element?

EDIT: Is there a way to know there is click event without actually clicking it?


You could use the approach below (calling the click:

it('should render list', injectAsync([TestComponentBuilder], (tcb: TestComponentBuilder) => { return tcb.createAsync(MyList).then((componentFixture: ComponentFixture) => { const element = componentFixture.nativeElement; componentFixture.detectChanges(); expect(element.querySelectorAll('li').length).toBe(5); document.getElementById('test').click(); }); }));

See this question for more details:

<ul><li><a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2381572/how-can-i-trigger-a-javascript-event-click" rel="nofollow">How can I trigger a JavaScript event click</a></li> </ul>


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