Merge after groupby


I'm having trouble using pd.merge after groupby. Here's my hypothetical:

import pandas as pd from pandas import DataFrame import numpy as np df1 = DataFrame({'key': [1,1,2,2,3,3], 'var11': np.random.randn(6), 'var12': np.random.randn(6)}) df2 = DataFrame({'key': [1,2,3], 'var21': np.random.randn(3), 'var22': np.random.randn(3)}) #group var11 in df1 by key grouped = df1['var11'].groupby(df1['key']) # calculate the mean of var11 by key grouped = grouped.mean() print grouped key 1 1.399430 2 0.568216 3 -0.612843 dtype: float64 print grouped.index Int64Index([1, 2, 3], dtype='int64') print df2 key var21 var22 0 1 -0.381078 0.224325 1 2 0.836719 -0.565498 2 3 0.323412 -1.616901 df2 = pd.merge(df2, grouped, left_on = 'key', right_index = True)

At this point, I get IndexError: list index out of range.

When using groupby, the grouping variable ('key' in this example) becomes the index for the resultant series, which is why I specify 'right_index = True'. I've tried other syntax without success. Any advice?


I think you should just do this:

In [140]: df2 = pd.merge(df2, pd.DataFrame(grouped, columns=['mean']), left_on='key', right_index=True) print df2 key var21 var22 mean 0 1 0.324476 0.701254 0.400313 1 2 -1.270500 0.055383 -0.293691 2 3 0.804864 0.566747 0.628787 [3 rows x 4 columns]

The reason it didn't work is that grouped is a Series not a DataFrame


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