Unable to get a block of code into my regex match groups


So yeah, the title is pretty weird but I have no other idea how to describe my problem properly. Whatever... lets get to the problem.

<h3><strong>Job to get done</strong></h3>

My boss wants a function that read all functions of a python file and return a DataTable containing the found functions. This function should be written in IronPython (Python which actually uses C# libraries).

<h3><strong>The Problem</strong></h3>

I am relatively new to Python and I have no idea what this language is capable of, so I started to write my function and yeah it works pretty well, except one weird problem. I wrote a regular expression to find the functions and to test it I downloaded a RegEx Tester. The Regex Tester showed the results I wanted: Group 1 - The function name, Group 2 - The functions parameter and Group 3 - the content of the function.

For some magical reasons, it doesn't work when it goes to live testing. And with doesn't work I mean, Group 3 has actually no output. After testing the expression with another (online) <a href="http://regexhero.net/tester/" rel="nofollow">RegEx Tester</a>, it showed me, that Group 3 has actually not the content of the function, it only has a small part of it, starting with a newline/return character.

In my test cases, the results of Group 3 where all the same, starting with a newline/return character and ended with the functions <em>return</em> (e.g. return objDic).

Question: What the hell is going wrong there? I have no idea what is wrong on my RegEx.

<h3><strong>The Regex</strong></h3> objRegex = Regex(r"(?i)def[\s]+([\w]+)\(([\, [\w]+)\)(?:[\:{1}]\s*)([\n].*(?!\ndef[\s]+))+") <h3><strong>The Data</strong></h3> def test_function(some_parameter): try: some_cool_code_goes_here() return obj except Exception as ex: DetailsBox.Show(ex) def another_cool_function(another_parameter): try: what_you_want() return obj except Exception as ex: DetailsBox.Show(ex) <h3><strong>The Result</strong></h3>

<strong>Match:</strong> def test_function(some_parameter):...<br /><strong>Position:</strong> ..<br /><strong>Length:</strong> ..<br /><strong>Group 1:</strong> test_function<br /><strong>Group 2:</strong> some_parameter<br /><strong>Group 3:</strong> <em>(newline/return character)</em> return obj

But Group 3 should be:

try: some_cool_code_goes_here() return obj except Exception as ex: DetailsBox.Show(ex)

I hope you can help me :3 Thank you guys!


Although @Hamza said in his comment that you have several problems in your regex, I think they are more of uneeded complexity, the reason for not matching the body might be that you haven't let the . special meta-character match the new line so it is stopping at the first new line character after the first Try: statement.

To fix this you will need to let the . match new line characters and here is a stripped down version of your regex that works:

(?i)def\s+(\w+)\s*\(([\, \w]+)\)(?:\s*:\s*)(.+?)(?=def|$)


Thanks to <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/users/1401975/hamza" rel="nofollow">HamZa</a> for the quick help (and of course also thanks for all the other helpers), he actually solved the problem. There were just a few adjustments necessary (to make it work for C# :-)) but the main point comes from him, thanks a lot.

Solution for my problem:



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