PHPMailer , keep 1 SMTP Connection with different receiver by email content


$phpMailer = New PHPMailer(); $phpMailer->isSMTP(); $phpMailer->SMTPKeepAlive = true; for ( ... ) { // Send your emails right away [ ... ] } $phpMailer->SmtpClose();

HI, I have an example code for KeepAlive SMTP here, but my problem is I send email with difference contents to my users. So each user have 1 content.

Can I do it like this:

for ( ... ) { $phpMailer->addAddress($user['email'], $user['name']); $phpMailer->Subject = $user['subject']; $phpMailer->Body = $user['body']; $phpMailer->Send() }

Will the ->addAddress increase my recipients every time on the loop? Or will it clean the old recipient after ->send() comitted ?


Call clearAddresses() Before addAddress function . It is cleared before recipients.

$phpmailer->ClearAddresses(); $phpMailer->addAddress($user['email'], $user['name']);


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