How to raise custom error message in Sails.js


I am very new to Sails.js (0.9.13) and to node style programming in general. Any help appreciated. The collowing example is from a UserController:

module.exports = { save: function (req, res) { var u = { firstName: req.param('firstName'), lastName: req.param('lastName'), email: req.param('email'), password: req.param('password'), }; User.create(u).done(function(err,user){ if(err) { if( err.code == 'ER_DUP_ENTRY' ) { return new Error('Duplicate: email address already in use.','UserController'); } console.log( err ); return; } console.log( user ); }); } }

So I am trying to capture the 'ER_DUP_ENTRY' error code and return a custom error message, but I am having no luck as written. How exactly should I be doing this?


If what you're intending is to return an error to the client, there are several ways to go, but all of them start with the <a href="https://github.com/balderdashy/sails-docs/blob/master/reference/Response.md" rel="nofollow">res object</a> that is passed as an argument to your controller action. All of the latest builds of Sails have a few basic error responses baked into that object, so you can do (for example):


instead of return new Error to show a general error page with a 500 status code. For JSON-only API calls that don't expect HTML, it'll send a simple object with the status code and the error. There's also:

res.notFound() // 404 response res.forbidden() // 403 response res.badRequest() // 400 response

For your "duplicate entry" error, you'll probably want something more customized. Since your example is coming from a form post, the best practice would be to actually save the error as a flash message and redirect back to the form page, for example:

req.flash('error', 'Duplicate email address'); return res.redirect('/theView');

and then in your form view, display errors using something like:

<% if (req.session.flash && req.session.flash.error) { %><%=req.flash('error')%><% } %>

As an alternative, you could just display a custom error view from your controller:

return res.view('duplicateEmail');

If you're responding to an API call, you'll want to send a status code and (probably) a JSON object:

return res.json(409, {error: 'Email address in use'});

The point is, rather than returning (or throwing) an Error object in your controller code, you want to use the res object to respond to the request in some way.


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