JSONPath expression for checking string in Apache Camel XML


Let's say I have a simple json file such as the following

{ "log": { "host": "blah", "severity": "INFO", "system": "1" } }

I'm using Apache Camel, and it's Spring XML to process and route the json file. My routing code looks something like this:

<route> <from uri="file:/TESTFOLDER/input"/> <choice> <when> <jsonpath>$.log?(@.severity == 'WARNING')</jsonpath> <to uri="smtp://(smtpinfo...not important)"/> </when> <otherwise> <to uri="file:/TESTFOLDER/output"/> </otherwise> </choice> </route>

The part that I'm really confused about is the JSONPath expression. The expression I have above isn't even syntactically correct, because its hard to find examples for the case where you aren't trying to sort through a list of elements. My goal is to only send an email if the severity of the log is 'WARNING' but I can't come up with the expression.


This worked for me using Camel 2.13.1 (I checked for INFO as your JSON example has this severity; you may change this according to your needs):

<jsonpath>$..log[?(@.severity == 'INFO')]</jsonpath>

Note the .. and the []. However, using a single dot . at the beginning of the search path failed:

<jsonpath>$.log[?(@.severity == 'INFO')]</jsonpath>

The error messages said:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid container object

This may be a bug.

According to the JSON Path <a href="http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/" rel="nofollow">doc</a>, .. stands for "recursive descent". This may not meet your requirements. However, as a single dot . didn't work, this was the only possible work around I figured out. Otherwise, you may rise a bug ticket.


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