Run junit test certain amount of time


I want to test something for a while, say 5 seconds, and then pass the test if nothing wrong has been asserted. Is this possible with annotations? Can something like @Test(uptime=5000) be used?


<strong>Revised answer after question was edited</strong>

Fundamentally it feels like you're testing the wrong thing here - it seems very odd for "nothing happening" to be a sign of success.

If you want to prove that your algorithm can run for a certain amount of time without failing, I would actually extract out a single cycle, then write a test of something like:

@Test public void fineForFiveSeconds() { long start = System.nanoTime(); long end = start + TimeUnit.SECONDS.toNanos(5); while (System.nanoTime < end()) { test.executeOneIteration(); } }

This way you don't have a separate thread which has to kill the <em>working</em> code, etc.

<strong>Original answer</strong>

This answer was written <em>before</em> the question indicated that timing out was a sign of success, not failure.

I think you just want the <a href="http://junit.sourceforge.net/javadoc/org/junit/Test.html#timeout%28%29" rel="nofollow">timeout</a> attribute in the @Test annotation:

@Test(timeout = 5000)

with documentation:


Optionally specify timeout in milliseconds to cause a test method to fail if it takes longer than that number of milliseconds.



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