Filtering Objects in Class based view Django using Query parameters?


I am using Class-based Generic views Listview for listing all objects.

My views.py:

class PostsList(ListView): model = Post template_name = "index.html"

My Urls.py:

urlpatterns = [ url(r'^$',PostsList.as_view(), name = "home"), ]

This gives me a list of all the posts. Now I want to <strong>filter/sort</strong> posts based on certain fields of Post Model, say price. Do I need to write this myself? If yes Which method of PostsLists class do I override ? def get, def get_context ?

I see the get method for Listview defined as below. In it can I pass URL query-parameters as **kwargs directly or I have to overwrite the below method in my class.

def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs): ....


You can override the get_queryset method:

Keep a mapping of all the parameters that you can get in the url kwargs.

def get_queryset(self): queryset = Post.objects.all() if self.request.GET.get('price'): queryset = queryset.filter(price=self.request.GET.get('price')) return queryset


When using Django's class based views, avoid overriding get() or post() if possible. These methods do a lot, and if you override them, you may have to duplicate a lot of the built in functionality. There are normally more specific methods that you can override.

In your case, you can filter the queryset dynamically with the get_queryset method. You can access GET parameters with self.request.GET. For example:

class PostsList(ListView): model = Post def get_queryset(self): """Filter by price if it is provided in GET parameters""" queryset = super(PostsList, self).get_queryset() if 'price' in self.request.GET: queryset = queryset.filter(price=self.request.GET['price']) return queryset

If your url captures arguments, you can access them with self.args (positional) and self.kwargs (name based).

See the docs on <a href="https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.8/topics/class-based-views/generic-display/#dynamic-filtering" rel="nofollow">dynamic filtering</a> for more info.


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