How to get an ExtJS ComboBox to display inline with text?


I want to get the following to display in a single line. I have tried using styles float and display.

Show this input <input type="text" name="filterOp" id="filterOp"/> inline. <script type="text/javascript"> new Ext.form.ComboBox({ applyTo: 'filterOp', triggerAction: 'all', name: 'item', mode: 'local', lazyInit: true, displayField: 'name', valueField: 'id', forceSelection: true, typeAhead: true, inputType:'text', fieldLabel: 'Item selection', style: "display: inline-block", store: new Ext.data.JsonStore({ autoLoad: true, url: 'reporting/json_report_filter_operators.jsp', root: 'rows', fields:['id', 'name'] }) }) </script>


The simplest way to do this is to override the styles on the page.

First, wrap your paragraph in a P tag with a special id.

<p id="my-inline-override"> Show this input <input type="text" name="filterOp" id="filterOp"/> inline.

Then you can add a CSS selector to your page that makes sure the DIV tag added by Ext JS displays inline (note that "x-form-field-wrap" is the class of the inserted DIV wrapper, you can see this if you use chrome developer tools to browse the DOM).

<style> #my-inline-override div.x-form-field-wrap { display: inline; } </style>


I'm sorry, your question is a bit confusing. What exactly are you trying to get on a single line? The combo box? The code? Each item in the combo box? If it's each item just widen the combo box, or make each element have overflow hidden and a fixed width.


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