Copy two columns from one table to another, but only unique values


I have table1, which has

MBID | Artist __________________ 123321 The Beatles 123214 Led Zeppelin 123321 The Beatles

How can I copy all of the <strong>distinct</strong> MBID's along with their corresponding Artist name, into a new table, so that the new table only has distinct MBID's

MBID | Artist __________________ 123321 The Beatles 123214 Led Zeppelin

I've tried

insert into table2 (MBID,artist) select distinct(table1.MBID),table1.artist FROM danktable

But this gives me weird combinations and not only distinct MBID's

When I make the MBID a primary index, I get an error with this query because i'm getting non-unique MBID values.

Could someone help me out?

Thanks !


You can do it as follows :

insert into table2 (MBID,artist) select MBID,max(artist) from table1 group by MBID


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