Switching from Blueprint to Twitter Bootstrap


I'm replacing Blueprint with Twitter Bootstrap in a Rails 3.1 application. I've followed the example in the Railscast and I have it working in that example. However, when I try to put it into my application the collapse functionality in the navbar doesn't work. When I click on it nothing happens.

I'm using the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem.

I've removed the Blueprint folder from the stylesheets directory. I've also removed any Blueprint javascripts from the javascripts directory. I've cleared any compiled versions from the Public/Assets directory. I've also cleared my tmp directory. Restarted my server and for some reason the collapse functionality still doesn't work.

Has anyone else done this? Any ideas on what I should try next?


After debugging and Googling for an answer I found that I needed to update jquery-rails to 1.0.18

Once I did that everything worked fine.


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