Pom.xml project build error


I have imported maven projects in my eclipse, but I am getting the following error in pom.xml-


Project build error: 'dependencyManagement.dependencies.dependency.systemPath' for jdk.tools:jdk.tools:jar must specify an absolute path but is ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar


I am kind of new to maven, any help will be appreciated.


You've specified a dependency on jdk.tools:jdk.tools:jar with a <systemPath> of ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar. ${JAVA_HOME} isn't a valid <a href="http://books.sonatype.com/mvnref-book/reference/resource-filtering-sect-properties.html" rel="nofollow">Maven property</a>. The syntax to read the environment variable JAVA_HOME is ${env.JAVA_HOME}. However, the same information is exposed as a <a href="http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/essential/environment/sysprop.html" rel="nofollow">system property</a> named java.home, so ${java.home} is the best solution.


Look for tools.jar which should be in jdk/lib, if not mean download latest jdk or add tools.jar to this location. This should fix the issue.


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