Can’t assign to delegate an anonymous method with less specific parameter type


I’m able to assign a method M to delegate object d with a less specific parameter type, but when I want to assign an anonymous method with same the signature as method M to d, I get an error.

Why is that?

class derivedEventArgs : EventArgs { } delegate void newDelegate(object o, derivedEventArgs e); static void Main(string[] args) { newDelegate d = M; // ok d = (object o, EventArgs e) => { }; // error } public static void M(object o, EventArgs e) { }


Jared is of course correct that this is by design.

The reason for that design is that in the contravariant method conversion case, you might have a method that you didn't write, and be assigning it to a delegate variable that you didn't write either. You don't control the types. So we go a bit easy on you and let the parameters match contravariantly and the return types match covariantly.

In the lambda-to-delegate conversion, you <em>do</em> control the thing being assigned. There is nothing <em>stopping</em> you from making it an exact match in the parameter types and therefore we <em>require</em> you to. No fudging allowed here.


This is covered in section 6.5 of the C# language specification. If you explicitly type the parameters of an anonymous function, they must match in both type and modifiers in order to be compatible signatures.


Specifically, a delegate type D is compatible with an anonymous function F provided


If F has an explicitly typed parameter list, each parameter in D has the same type and modifiers as the corresponding parameter in F.



While you have got your answer, I will provide a workaround if this is <em>required</em>. Say, all you got is a delegate of signature (object, EventArgs) in which case you want to convert it to your newDelegate type, you could do:

SomeDelegate p = (object o, EventArgs e) => { }; //comes from somewhere NewDelegate d = (o, e) => p(o, e); //can rewrite like this

Alternately with generics and (contra) variance feature of generic delegates, you can do it with one delegate type:

delegate void NewDelegate<in T>(object o, T e) where T : EventArgs; //then NewDelegate<EventArgs> p = (object o, EventArgs e) => { }; //comes from somewhere NewDelegate<DerivedEventArgs> d = p; //straightforward assignable - contravariance


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