tt_news and RealURL: shorten URL of news article


Currently the URL for a news article looks like


Is there a way to shorten this URL? E.g. missing out article or news-detail?

In the RealUrl-Configuration there is the array article but I don't know if I can change this for example to news-detail ...

Do you have some ideas?

I'm using Typo3 4.5.5, realurl 1.11.2 and tt_news 3.0.1.


If you want to exclude the keywords indicating a new part of the rewritten url, use fixedPostVars:

'fixedPostVars' => array( '123' =>array( array( 'GETvar' => 'tx_ttnews[tt_news]', 'lookUpTable' => array( 'table' => 'tt_news', 'id_field' => 'uid', 'alias_field' => 'title', 'addWhereClause' => ' AND NOT deleted', 'useUniqueCache' => 1, 'useUniqueCache_conf' => array( 'strtolower' => 1, 'spaceCharacter' => '-', ), ), ), ), ),

This will create a url like domain.com/article/your-article-title, presuming you have the following site structure:

root |- news (pid xy) |- article (pid 123)

You can also have the list and detail view on the same page which would make even cleaner urls (domain.com/news/your-article-title):

root |- news (pid 123, configured for list and detail)


One way is to exclude some pages to be shown in the URL path ?


You could also use another key as identifier (for example, Id instead of the news title). It will be less human-readable, but much shorten.



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