PHP calc difference between time greater than 24 hours


What is the best way to calculate the difference in time, when time is greater than 24 hours.


$time1 = '76:00:00'; $time2 = '30:00:00'; // result should be 46:00:00 echo date('H:i:s', strtotime($time1) - strtotime($time2));

But this could not be done with this because its greater then 24 hours.

Also in a database i've stored a time like this: 33:30:00 How in php could i format it to: 33:30


Use \DateTime and \DateInterval to perform calculations:

$date1 = new \DateTime('now', new DateTimeZone('UTC')); $date2 = new \DateTime('now', new DateTimeZone('UTC')); $time1 = new \DateInterval('PT76H'); $time2 = new \DateInterval('PT30H'); $date1->add($time1); $date2->add($time2); $diff = $date1->diff($date2); echo ($diff->days * 24 + $diff->h) . $diff->format(':%I:%S');

Explanation: It's not possible to perform calculations directly on DateIntervals, so you have to create dates as a basis for calculations. Then add two different intervals to current dates, and calculate a difference between them. diff() returns \DateInterval that contains total number of days, that you have to multiply by 24 to get hours, and hours that don't make full days.

EDIT: The timezone should be specified as UTC to avoid daylight saving time issues.


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