Codename One - Modify a font size in a theme like in an hashtable


In the previous question <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48797731/codename-one-method-to-enlarge-or-reduce-all-the-fonts-in-all-the-styles" rel="nofollow">Codename One - Method to enlarge or reduce all the fonts in all the styles</a> I replied with a method that iterates all the values of a theme and, if a given value is an istance of Font, it changes its font size of a given percentage.

The problem is that it doesn't work as expected, because some fonts are changed and others are not. For example, if I have the following font size of a Label (3.1mm) in my theme.xml, that Label font size it's not changed:

<font key="Label.font" type="ttf" face="0" style="0" size="0" name="native:MainThin" family="native:MainThin" sizeSettings="3" actualSize="3.1" />

What's wrong in the following code?

/** * Increases or reduces of a given percentage all the font sizes of a given * theme, overlaying a new theme containing only the new font sizes. The * font sizes will be increased when the percentage is positive, they will * be reduced when the percentage is negative. Legal percentage values are * from -90 to 300. * * Example of usage: changeFontSizesOfTheme(theme, "Theme", 50); * * @param theme the given resource file * @param themeName the name of given theme * @param percentage the given percentage to increase or reduce the font * sizes */ public static void changeFontSizesOfTheme(Resources theme, String themeName, int percentage) { if (theme.isTheme(themeName) && percentage != 0 && percentage >= -90 && percentage <= 300) { Hashtable hashtable = theme.getTheme("Theme"); Hashtable overlay = new Hashtable(); Set<String> keys = hashtable.keySet(); Iterator<String> itr = keys.iterator(); String key; Object value; int count = 0; while (itr.hasNext()) { key = itr.next(); value = hashtable.get(key); if (value instanceof Font) { Font originalFont = (Font) value; float originalFontSize = originalFont.getPixelSize(); float newFontSize = originalFontSize * (100 + percentage) / 100; overlay.put(key, originalFont.derive(newFontSize, originalFont.getStyle())); count++; } } UIManager.getInstance().addThemeProps(overlay); Log.p(count + " font sizes of the theme \"" + themeName + "\" were overlayed"); } }


The error was the line:

Hashtable hashtable = theme.getTheme("Theme");

The correct code is without the double quotes:

Hashtable hashtable = theme.getTheme(Theme);

That's all :)


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