Observable array or in memory collection in Meteor


Is there a way to create an observable array or in memory collection in Meteor?

The way I'm faking it is by creating a session variable containing the array, Session.setDefault('people', []); and then updating that value when the array changes, Session.set('people', modifiedArray).


You can create a local collection by calling Meteor.Collection constructor without supplying collection name in the parameter, i.e.:

LocalList = new Meteor.Collection();

See this in <a href="http://docs.meteor.com/#meteor_collection" rel="nofollow">the Meteor documentation</a>.

Notice also that you can observe anything you want thanks to <a href="http://docs.meteor.com/#deps_dependency" rel="nofollow">Dependencies</a>.


List = function() { this.data = []; this.dep = new Deps.Dependency(); }; _.extends(List.prototype, { insert: function(element) { this.data.push(element); this.dep.changed(); }, }); var list = new List(); Template.observer.helper = function() { list.dep.depend(); return list.data; };

helper will be updated and observer template will rerender each time you call list.insert function.


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