rspec - how to check that allow_blank exists


I have a test for uniqueness which works:

it { should validate_uniqueness_of(:name).case_insensitive }

however when I try to do a similar test for name it fails

it { should validate_presence_of(:name).allow_blank }

I get this error: undefined methodallow_blank'`


According to <a href="https://web.archive.org/web/20150904101414/http://cheat.errtheblog.com/s/rspec_shoulda" rel="nofollow">this list</a>, there's no method in shoulda that can be chained to validate_presence_of that would support what you want to do. Have a look at <a href="https://github.com/thoughtbot/shoulda-matchers/blob/master/lib/shoulda/matchers/active_model/validate_presence_of_matcher.rb" rel="nofollow">the source code of the matcher here</a>.

However, there is another matcher you can use:

it { should allow_value("", nil).for(:name) }

Which tests if blank values can be applied to your attribute.

The full test would then be

it { should validate_presence_of(:name) } it { should allow_value("", nil).for(:name) }


AFAIK, there is no matcher for allow_blank so you could use allow_value(@subject.name.blank?) or something similar.

As a side note, I never test model validation using the validation methods themselves as you're actually testing the wrong thing. I test them using creation of the model in question, passing it valid or invalid parameters. This will test the model much more accurately and in real-world conditions.


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