loading of iis website too slow while debugging from visual studio 2008


I'm debugging a asp.net website in visual studio 2008. When I visit the website through browser (at the usual <a href="http://localhost:56789" rel="nofollow">http://localhost:56789</a>), the pages load too slow. It looks almost as if there is a single socket/connection loading all the required pages/scripts etc sequentially.

If I publish the same website to a local folder and access it through the regular IIS (Windows 7/IIS 7.5), pages load really fast (as expected).

Is there a way to make the pages load faster during debugging. Is there any setting I need to modify in visual studio ?


Not sure if this is the problem, but open your HOST file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) in a text editor. Then add a # in front of ::1 localhost. Save it and see if that speed it up.


I would debug through normal IIS if Cassini is slow.

Just go to tools->attach to process and attach to the IIS process.


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