android espresso : total count of elements with samerid not in adapter view


I am trying to get the count of elements with same rid

The solutions here <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27430500/how-to-get-count-of-items-with-same-ids-which-are-not-in-adapter-view" rel="nofollow">How to get count of items with same ids which are not in adapter view</a> is not helping me.

static int counter = 0; public static Matcher<View> withIdAndDisplayed(final int id) { Checks.checkNotNull(id); return new TypeSafeMatcher<View>() { @Override public void describeTo(Description description) { description.appendText("with item id: " + id); } @Override public boolean matchesSafely(View view) { if ((view.getId() == id) && (view.getGlobalVisibleRect(new Rect()) && withEffectiveVisibility(ViewMatchers.Visibility.VISIBLE).matches(view))){ counter++; return true; } return false; } }; }



I see you trying to get child view count which is not an adapterView. See this one <a href="https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-test-kit-discuss/avLaBnBWr70" rel="nofollow">https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-test-kit-discuss/avLaBnBWr70</a>

<strong>Original answer:</strong>

Are you using RecyclerView?

I used below code in my tests to get the RecyclerView size.

public static Matcher<View> withRecyclerViewSize(final int size) { return new TypeSafeMatcher<View>() { @Override public boolean matchesSafely(final View view) { final int actualListSize = ((RecyclerView) view).getAdapter().getItemCount(); LOGD(TAG, "RecyclerView actual size " + actualListSize); return actualListSize == size; } @Override public void describeTo(final Description description) { description.appendText("RecyclerView should have " + size + " items"); } }; }

Usage: onView(withId(R.id.resource_id)).check(matches(withRecyclerViewSize(expectedSize)));

In this case resource_id is RecyclerView.

There are few examples here: <a href="https://gist.github.com/chemouna/00b10369eb1d5b00401b" rel="nofollow">https://gist.github.com/chemouna/00b10369eb1d5b00401b</a>.


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