Sharing Redis Sessions Across Node Apps


I'm busy building a platform with 3 different subdomains - example.com, auth.example.com and api.example.com. They're run with 3 separate NodeJS apps running on different ports of the server.

Here is the code setting up the sessions:

var session = require("express-session"); var redisStore = require("connect-redis")(session); var redisClient = require("redis").createClient(config.redis); app.use(session({ secret: config.server.secret, store: new redisStore(config.redis), client: redisClient, resave: false, saveUninitialized: false, cookie: { domain: "example.co.za", httpOnly: false } }));

The configuration is exactly the same for all 3 apps and they're sitting on the same server. For some reason, the sessions are not being shared. I seem to remember that they were being shared a few weeks back and now things are broken - I have a sneaky suspision that this happened when we moved all the traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. Would this break the sessions? I tried to turn of 'httpOnly' in case it restricted the sessions, but no luck.

I have run redid-cli MONITOR and the session is, in fact, being saved on login (Auth App) but is not being retrieved by the other app. When I turned saveUninitialized to true, the requests to save were coming from all 3 apps - this shows that they are connected to the same Redis Store.

Any help would be great.


I think this is just a cookie issue. The browser is not sending the session cookie back on your sub-domains: you need a leading . on the domain. e.g.:

cookie: { domain: ".example.co.za", httpOnly: false }

In case that doesn't work and you are having AJAX issues <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9071969/using-express-and-node-how-to-maintain-a-session-across-subdomains-hostheaders" rel="nofollow">see this post</a>


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