LINQ Object Referance not set


I am getting an "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" error when searching for an item (on Guid) that is selected from a datagrid. I have checked that the item does return the Guid correctly (by writing it to a label on the page), however in my linq query (i assume) i am comparing incorrectly.

ctx is the domaindatasource, I know the element im trying to remove exists.

private void medItemRemove_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { MedicineInventory M = (MedicineInventory)medicineInventoryDataGrid.SelectedItem; Guid Mid = M.MedicineInventoryId; MedicineInventory toRemove = new MedicineInventory(); toRemove = (from a in ctx.MedicineInventories where (a.MedicineInventoryId == Mid) select a).Single(); ctx.MedicineInventories.Remove(toRemove); ctx.SubmitChanges(); }


Rewrite your code as follows:

private void medItemRemove_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { MedicineInventory M = (MedicineInventory)medicineInventoryDataGrid.SelectedItem; Guid Mid = M.MedicineInventoryId; MedicineInventory toRemove = (from a in ctx.MedicineInventories where (a != null && a.MedicineInventoryId == Mid) select a).SingleOrDefault(); if (toRemove != null){ ctx.MedicineInventories.Remove(toRemove); ctx.SubmitChanges(); } else { .... } // code if toRemove is null }


Is a null at any point?

toRemove = (from a in ctx.MedicineInventories where (a != null && a.MedicineInventoryId == Mid) select a).Single();


I think your problem is happening because you're creating a new MedicineInventory.

Replace this:

MedicineInventory toRemove = new MedicineInventory();

With this:

var toRemove = ctx.MedicineInventories.Single(mi => mi.MedicineInventoryId == Mid);


When it retuns the error message <em>"Sequence contains no elements"</em> it's because EF could not find a row in the database with the same Guid you're using in the where clause. In this case and to avoid an exception, you can try this line of code:

var toRemove = ctx.MedicineInventories.SingleOrDefault( mi => mi.MedicineInventoryId == Mid);

then use an if to delete if it's not NULL:

if(toRemove != null) { ctx.MedicineInventories.Remove(toRemove); ctx.SubmitChanges(); } else { // Only you know what to do! :-) } <blockquote>

<a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb342451.aspx" rel="nofollow">SingleOrDefault</a> returns the only element of a sequence, or a default value (NULL in this case) if the sequence is empty; this method throws an exception if there is more than one element in the sequence.

</blockquote> <hr />

Note: the way you're comparing the Guids is correct because == is overloaded on Guid so you don't need to compare the string representations.

See <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.guid.op_equality%28v=vs.110%29.aspx#Y474" rel="nofollow">http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.guid.op_equality%28v=vs.110%29.aspx#Y474</a>


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