How to delete a Json object from Json File by sed command in BASH


I am having an json file in which a json object need to be deleted. is there any way to delete it by sed command only. my sample file is given below.

{ "name": "ABC", "description": "XYZ", "versions": { }, "json_class": "Chef::Environment", "chef_type": "environment", "default_attributes": { }, "override_attributes": { "company": { "xyz": { "mailer":{ "smtp_host": "Some IP", "imap_host": "Some Host", "imap_user": "Some UserId", "reply_to": "Some User Id", "outbound_user": "", "imap_mail_domain": "compute.oraclecloud.com", "imap_password": ""}, "logicaldomainname": "" } } } }

In this file i want to delete mailer object from the file by sed command. Please take a look and let me know if it is possible by sed command.

my main motive of this deletion is to replace this object with new mailer object. so that next time when another mailer object will be posted than we will append it in xyz json object.

expected output :

{ "name": "ABC", "description": "", "version": { }, "json_class": "Chef::Environment", "chef_type": "environment", "default_attributes": { }, "override_attributes": { "Company": { "XYZ": { "logicaldomainname": "" } } } }


You should strongly consider resolving the licensing issue that prohibits jq:

jq 'del(.override_attributes.company.xyz.mailer) | .description=""' input.json


$ awk -v RS='^$' -v ORS= '{sub(/"mailer":[^}]+},[[:space:]]+/,"")}1' file { "name": "ABC", "description": "", "versions": { }, "json_class": "Chef::Environment", "chef_type": "environment", "default_attributes": { }, "override_attributes": { "Company": { "XYZ": { "logicaldomainname": "" } } } }

The above uses GNU awk for multi-char RS, with other awks you'd build up the record one line at a time and handle it in the END section:

$ awk -v ORS= '{rec=rec $0 RS} END{sub(/"mailer":[^}]+},[[:space:]]+/,"",rec); print rec}' file { "name": "ABC", "description": "", "versions": { }, "json_class": "Chef::Environment", "chef_type": "environment", "default_attributes": { }, "override_attributes": { "Company": { "XYZ": { "logicaldomainname": "" } } } }


Using sed:

sed '/\"mailer\"/,/}/ d; /^$/d' 1.a

"Delete from mailer to the first }, then delete all blank lines (you input has one)".

To overwrite the file ("in-place")

sed -i ...

<em>Note: works for multiline files (as yours).</em>


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