How to extend js class from outside library in TypeScript / Using mojs in TypeScript


i know how to declare library ( example usage mojs):

declare var mojs:any;

but i have problem with extending from it:

class MyObject extends mojs.CustomShape { getShape () { return '..path' } };

i get error:


Type 'any' is not constructor object type


I tried something like this:

declare var mojs:Object{ CustomShape:any };

but no luck - it is wrong code.

So how can I extend js library class in typescript?


Ok, i managed this by setting type as <strong>ObjectConstructor</strong>

My code for mojs:

declare var mojs: { CustomShape:ObjectConstructor, //here usage addShape:any, Burst:any, Timeline:any, Shape:any, ShapeSwirl:any };

So with ObjectConstructor i can extend this class without errors like:

class MyObject extends mojs.CustomShape { getShape () { return '..path' } };


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