unexpected T_ELSEIF [closed]


$pages = array("grac", "zamknij", "dolaczyc"); $pagesid = array("showNews", "showThread", "showProfile"); foreach ($pagesid as $page) { if (isset($_GET[$page])) { include('sobra/'.$page.'.php'); } } // just pages elseif (in_array($_GET['page'], $pages)) { include("$_GET[page].php"); } // error else include('error.php');

gives:<br /><i>Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in C:\WAMP\www\sdgag\index.php on line 33</i>

This should work i think.. what the problem can be?



Perhaps another approach. Do your logic, and determine what page you want to include ultimately. After all of the logic has been done, include your determined page.

<em>The following is untested, and may contain errors. Let me know, and I'll update the code.</em>

<?php // Predefined list of acceptable pages $pages = array("one","two","three"); $pagesid = array("four","five","six"); // Gather any user-defined page request $desPage = trim($_GET["page"]); // Assume they are wrong, and need to see error.php $pageToLoad = "error.php"; // If the user request is not empty if (!empty($desPage)) { if (in_array($desPage,$pages)) { $pageToLoad = $desPage . ".php"; } } else { // User request is empty, check other variables foreach ($pagesid as $pageid) { if (isset($_GET[$pageid])) { $pageToLoad = $pageid . ".php"; } } } // Show output page include($pageToLoad); ?>


The elseif and the else aren't attached to the if, you've put them outside of the foreach loop block.


<strong>There is one closing bracket to much before the else.</strong>

It should read:

$pages = array("grac", "zamknij", "dolaczyc"); $pagesid = array("showNews", "showThread", "showProfile"); foreach ($pagesid as $page) { if (isset($_GET[$page])) { include('sobra/'.$page.'.php'); } // just pages else if (in_array($_GET['page'], $pages)) { include("$_GET[page].php"); } // error else include('error.php'); }

<strong>If you indent your source code correctly such errors show up fast and you can fix them yourself.</strong>


$pages = array('grac', 'zamknij', 'dolaczyc'); $pagesid = array('showNews', 'showThread', 'showProfile'); foreach ($pagesid as $page) { if (isset($_GET[$page])) { include('sobra/'.$page.'.php'); } // just pages else if (in_array($_GET['page'], $pages)) { include($_GET[$page].'.php'); // fixed missing $, restylized to match previous style } else include('error.php'); }


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