ActiveStorage big file uploads triggers Google::Execution::Expired


While implementing ActiveStorage at work we found out that when uploading big file, 12GB , the operations hangs for about 10 minutes and the I get the error Google::Execution::Expired or sometimes HTTPClient::SendTimeoutError: execution expired.

I am running most uploads with a line like this:

backup.file.attach(io: File.open("/my/file/path.ext"), filename: "myfilename")

Is there a way to make the request to last longer or a way to circunvent this timeouts.

This strategy has worked fine, so far, for uploads of 4GB. It's just when I go overboard with the file size that this occurs. Time is not a problem on our side since this is a nightly task on a Cron job.


The Google Cloud Storage client’s send timeout defaults to 1 minute or so. (You see a delay of 10 minutes because the client tries several times to resume the upload after encountering a timeout.) You can specify a different timeout in seconds in config/storage.yml:

production: service: GCS credentials: { ... } project: my-project bucket: my-bucket timeout: 120 # 2 minutes

Use timeout: 0 to disable the send timeout.


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