What code approach would let users apply three optional variables in PHP/MySQL? [closed]


I have a large CSV file containing >11k rows of data, with 13 columns. The 3 user-selected variables are State, City, and Job Title. My question is what methodology/function type would best allow me to easily aggregate the user choices from drop-down menus and then use that to query the database for the correct row?

Overview: This has all 50 US states, and each state has quite a few cities, in addition to over a dozen different job titles for each city.


Your server script simply translates the parameters to appropriate conditions in the WHERE clause of a query. E.g.

$wheres = array(); $params = array(); if (!empty($_POST['state'])) { $wheres[] = "state = :state"; $params['state'] = $_POST['state']; } if (!empty($_POST['city'])) { $wheres[] = "city = :city"; $params['city'] = $_POST['city']; } if (!empty($_POST['title'])) { $wheres[] = "title = :title"; $params['title'] = $_POST['title']; } $query = "SELECT * FROM YourTable"; if (count($wheres)) { $query .= " WHERE " . implode(" AND ", $wheres); } $stmt = $pdo->prepare($query); $result = $stmt->execute($params);


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