How to bind context of child view handling event in parent view


I have the following Backbone View's:

var ParentView = Backbone.View.extend({ events: { "contextmenu .child-view" : "handleChildView" }, initialize: function () { // create child view var child = new ChildView; }, handleChildView: function () { } }); var ChildView = Backbone.View.extend({ initialize: function () { this.el.addClass('child-view'); } });

I need to handle childView's contextmenu event in handleChildView handler. But I need to get refference to childView and target DOM element.

How could I make this?


I usually would try to avoid that. I think it's an anti-pattern since I believe each view should only handle it's own events.

When there's a need for notifying events between views, I use the event bus pattern.(publisher/subscriber)

see this answer I posted earlier:

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20181679/call-a-function-in-another-marionette-itemview/20182584#20182584" rel="nofollow">Call a function in another Marionette.ItemView</a>

It's similar.

You should define an event bus in your app. And in your ChildView, publish an event when something happens (like click)

var ChildView = Backbone.View.extend({ events: { 'click': 'handleClick' }, handleClick: function() { //publish event EventBus.trigger('childViewClicked', [anything you wanna pass]); } });

and in your parent view, subscribe to this event:

var ParentView = Backbone.View.extend({ initialize: function () { //subscribe events: EventBus.on('childViewClicked', this.handleChildView, this); }, handleChildView: function ([params you wanna receive]) { } });


Would this work for you?

var ParentView = Backbone.View.extend({ events: { "click .child-view .contextmenu" : "handleChildView" }, initialize: function () { // create child view var child = new ChildView; }, handleChildView: function () { } }); var ChildView = Backbone.View.extend({ className:'child-view' , initialize: function () { this.el.addClass('child-view'); } });

You might have to render the child view inside the parent view (in the DOM)


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