Ruby sort_by for arrays returned by MySQL, date formatted as string


I have a database that has a task table. In that table, there is a date column. Those dates are formatted as strings, they aren't Date.

I'm trying to sort these tasks by date. I already have an array of the tasks named tasks. I'm trying to replace it with the sorted array called tasksByDate using the below code.

tasksByDate = tasks.sort_by do |task| task[:date].to_date end

The error I'm getting is:

TypeError: no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer

I also tried without to_date just to see if it would sort it without it being a date, and just being a string.

The date field is formatted as a string like so 2016-08-29. I used the to_date method on it somewhere else in the code, and it works great, so I didn't really think that was the problem.

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<strong>Edit 1</strong>

I have checked that tasks actually contains a date, and it is formatted like explained.

The output of p task.class is Array

<strong>Edit 2</strong>

The output of p task is

[#<User id: 10, login: "my.name", hashed_password: "", date: "2016-08-29">]


The elements appear to be nested deeper than you expected them to be. Change the your code to:

# use '{ }' instead of 'do end' for a single-line blocks tasksByDate = tasks.sort_by { |task| task.first[:date].to_date }


What you see as an output of p task:

[#<User id: 10, login: "my.name", hashed_password: "", date: "2016-08-29">]

It means that this is an Array of elements. Notice the enclosing braces [ ]. So what you have to do in this case is task.first, which will return:

#<User id: 10, login: "my.name", hashed_password: "", date: "2016-08-29">

From there you should be able to access the element's values by a key, like you intended:



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