Prestashop 1.6. How to check if product isPack in .tpl?


I want to check in theme (front) <strong>product.tpl</strong> file (PS <strong><em>if state</em></strong> if product is <strong>Standard product</strong> or <strong>Pack of existing products</strong>

{if $product_type == Product::PTYPE_PACK} not working....

I want to return <strong>boolean</strong>.



{if $packItems|@count > 0}

an example of using you can find it in product.tpl in the theme folder. used in this way:

{if $packItems|@count > 0} <div class="short_description_pack"> <h3>{l s='Pack content'}</h3> {foreach from=$packItems item=packItem} <div class="pack_content"> {$packItem.pack_quantity} x <a href="{$link->getProductLink($packItem.id_product, $packItem.link_rewrite, $packItem.category)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">{$packItem.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</a>


</div> {/foreach} </div> {/if}


in addition, there is in a products object:

$product->id_pack_product_attribute = null $product->cache_is_pack = 0

for non-pack products


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