SED (linux) issue with recursive


I'm trying to replace the string $PHP_SELF by $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] in all php files. I've ran this command, but it simply remove the string and replace by nothing:

cd /home/rg/public_html && find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 perl -i.php -pe "s/\\\$PHP_SELF/\$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']/g"

Any ideas?


Just use gnu sed/grep/xargs, such as:

$ cd /home/rg/publick_html $ find . | grep "[.]php$" | xargs sed -e 's/\$PHP_SELF/\$_SERVER\['PHP_SELF'\]/g' -i


find . -type f -name "*.php" | xargs sed -e 's/\$PHP_SELF/\$_SERVER\['PHP_SELF'\]/g' -i

thanks @Utopik

good luck~


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