How to round up integer in PHP?


I want to round up any an integer to the next tens place number.

Some examples to illustrate my point:

-- I have the number 1, I would like this rounded up to 10

-- I have the number 35, I would like this rounded up to 40

-- I have the number 72, I would like this rounded up to 80

-- etc etc

// $category_count's value is 38 for($i = 1; $i <= $category_count; $i++) { if($i % 10 == 0) { echo "<a href=\"?page=$i\">$i;</a>"; } }

The above code outputs 3 links, I need the fourth too.


Your for is ineffective. If you need to modulus 10 your counter, use this code instead :

for($i = 1, $c = ceil($category_count/10); $i <= $c; $i++) { $j = $i * 10; echo "<a href=\"?page=$j\">$j;</a>"; }


mrtsherman is almost right but OP's question needed it to round UP (1 => 10)

// $category_count's value is 38 $loop_limit = ceil($category_count/10); for ($i = 1; $i <= $loop_limit; $i++) { $page = $i * 10; echo "<a href=\"?page={$page}\">{$page}</a>"; }


Edited my answer to point to this question instead. Basically same thing with many good answers.

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1619265/round-to-nearest-10" rel="nofollow">How to round up a number to nearest 10?</a>


round(($num/10))*10; // Make sure num is an integer or use (int) to convert string to integer.

This works for me :)


One way to do this is to add 9, then truncate it at the tens place (integer divide by ten, then multiply by ten).

Alternatively, you can add 5 then use the round function with a negative precision:

echo round ($i + 5, -1);


Try the following



Something like this should work:

(int(i/10) + 1) x 10


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