Proper ajax call for JSON data


First time trying to retrieve data from a JSON file and honestly have no idea how to get the objects I would like to get.

Can someone please tell me how I can grab values such as Family Name or familyAttributes? I just have no idea how to process the data.

<strong>Current AJAX Call</strong>

$.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: 'https://somesite.com/EloMS.json', data: { category : 'Touchmonitors' }, dataType: 'json', success: function(data) { $.each(data, function(index, element) { console.log(element); }); } });

<strong>JSON Syntax:</strong>

{ "products": [ { "Family Name": "3201L", "Type": "IDS", "Size (inches)": 32, "Aspect Ratio": "16:9", "Part Number": "E415988", "Product Description": "ET3201L-8UWA-0-MT-GY-G", "Marketing Description": "3201L 32-inch wide LCD Monitor, VGA, HDMI & DisplayPort video interface, 01 series enhanced AV, IntelliTouch Plus USB touch controller interface, Worldwide-version, Clear, Gray ", "Advance Unit Replacement": "", "Elo Elite": "", "Package Quantity": 1, "Minimum Order Quantity": 1, "List Price": 1800 }, { ... } ] "families": [ { "category": "Touchmonitors", "types": [ "Desktop", "Display", "Open Frame" ], "image": "", "familyAttributes": [ { "type": "Display", "image": "", "families": [ { "familyName": "0700L", "image": "" } ] }, { ... } } ] }

I've tried several variations of element.category but haven't been able to get any data other than the full objects.


For the product object, you'd be wanting:

data.products[n]["Family Name"]

where n is an integer offset into the products array.

For familyAttributes you need:


The ["string"] syntax is necessary in the first case because of the space character in the key.


You can use getJSON(), the documentation is here: <a href="http://api.jquery.com/jquery.getjson/" rel="nofollow">http://api.jquery.com/jquery.getjson/</a>

You can access to your model like so:

$.getJSON('https://somesite.com/EloMS.json', function(data) { // Products table var products = data.products; // Product type var typeProduct = data.products[0].Type; // familyAttributes var familyAttributes = data.families[0].familyAttributes; // Family Name var familyName = data.products[0]['Family Name']; });


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