tests skipped inspite the dependant method passed. TestNG


I have a number of tests across classes. Each class is defined as @Test and group name added to it same as class name[they are u1,u2,u3,u4,u5]. In u1, I have a test method for prerequisites called prereqSetup(). This is added to the group "prereq". Now, all the methods in u1 are marked with dependsOnMethods="prereqSetup". Rest all classes are marked as dependsOnGroups="prereq".

My prerequisites method has passed. Couple of methods in u1 and u3 are run and show failed. But rest all methods are skipped. There is no other dependency apart from what i have mentined above. Providing the annotations for reference:

@Test(groups="u1") public class U1 { //All methods are marked with @Test(dependsOnMethods="prereqSetup") } @Test(groups="u2",dependsOnGroups="prereq") public class U2{ //All methods are marked with @Test }

This is done for all classes through u2-u5.


I am a bit unclear on the question but it doesn't look like you have a group called "prereq"


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