Creating a random X-by-Y matrix between a range of specified numbers. What's happening here?


I am following an online course from Vanderbilt University on the basics of Matlab (Coursera MOOC on introductory computer programming with MATLAB, Instructor: Mike Fitzpatrick). In the course the professor creates a custom function called myRand to produce a 3-by-4 matrix within a set interval of numbers.

I know that an identical function is built into Matlab but the professor created his own from scratch to teach us what is going on behind the scenes of the built-in functions.

% Produce a 3-by-4 matrix between between the input low and high function a = myRand(low,high) a = low + rand(3,4) * (high-low); end '>>test = myRand(2,10) test = 5.1378 7.6484 2.3694 7.5586 7.2438 2.2547 2.7771 4.5368 3.3695 4.2154 8.5877 9.6018

I understand because rand() produces random numbers from 0-1; it makes sense that 'low' will set the lower limit (low+rand). However I do not know how upper limit is set. The operation '(high-low)' is the <em>difference</em> between the high and low. and no where in 'myRand' is there a specification to set 'High' explicitly.

Can someone help me understand this?


<strong>Explanation with an example:-</strong>

Suppose that <strong>low = 2</strong> and <strong>high = 5</strong>. <br />Now as you already know that the values generated by <strong>rand</strong> are always between <strong>0</strong> and <strong>1</strong>.

If the generated value is <strong>0</strong> then <br /><strong>a = low + value *(high-low);</strong> means that <strong>a = 2 + 0 *(5-2) = 2</strong>

and when the generated value is <strong>1</strong> then <br /><strong>a = low + value *(high-low);</strong> means that <strong>a = 2 + 1 *(5-2) = 5</strong>

It means that any value generated in between <em>0 and 1</em> will give <strong>a</strong> in between <em>2 and 5</em> <br />i.e. if <strong>values ∈ (0,1)</strong> then it means that <strong>a ∈ (2,5)</strong>


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