How to set Alignment of a textbox.Text in wpf via INotify-Property?


My WPF Application code generates panels on function call defined in .cs file. There is ItemControl used in code to generates these Panels . I want to to change text Alignment of text of Textbox defined in selected panel via it's button. Query: I clicked button and alignment of select panel TextBox change from left to rightand from right to left, Now implementation of Alignment sets if select slider to move. Here code is:

<strong>XAML FILE</strong>

<ItemsControl x:Name="lstItemsClassM"> <ItemsControl.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <Button Content="{Binding Alignment, Mode=TwoWay}" Click="Button_Click" Tag="{Binding PKId}" /> <TextBox x:Name="txtText" Width="300" Height="100" Text="{Binding Text, Mode=TwoWay}" FontSize="{Binding FontSize, Mode=OneWay}" TextAlignment="{Binding Alignment, Mode=OneWay}" /> <Slider Minimum="10" Maximum="30" Value="{Binding FontSize, Mode=TwoWay}" /> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </ItemsControl.ItemTemplate>

<strong>.CS FILE</strong>

protected ObservableCollection<ClassM> texts = new ObservableCollection<ClassM>(); int dv; public Window2() { InitializeComponent(); dv=1; texts.Add(new ClassM() { PKId=dv, Text = "Test 1" }); dv=2; texts.Add(new ClassM() { PKId=dv, Text = "Test 2" }); lstItemsClassM.ItemsSource = texts; } private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { var myValue = ((Button)sender).Tag; foreach (var f in texts.ToList()) { if (f.PKId.ToString() == myValue.ToString()) { f._alignment = "Right"; MessageBox.Show(f._alignment); } } } } public class ClassM : INotifyPropertyChanged { private string _id; private int _pkid; private string _text; private double _fontSize = 10; public string _alignment="Left"; public int PKId { get { return _pkid; } set { if (value != _pkid) { _pkid = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); } } } public string Id { get { return _id; } set { if (value != _id) { _id = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); } } } public string Text { get { return _text; } set { if (value != _text) { _text = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); } } } public double FontSize { get { return _fontSize; } set { if (value != _fontSize) { _fontSize = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); } } } public string Alignment { get { return _alignment; } set { if (value != _alignment) { _alignment = value; NotifyPropertyChanged(); } } } public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; protected void NotifyPropertyChanged(String propertyName = "") { if (PropertyChanged != null) { PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName)); } } }


<strong>Alignment means Textbox.Text Alignment left to right or right to left</strong>


The best solution is use RichTextBox to align your text. If you wanna i could sugest one implementation to read a literal string and format.


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