Build a view to query multiple tables with identical column names


I'm trying to build a view so I can write a single query against it:

FROM Datebase.dbo.[AllQtrs]

Using SQL Server's 'Create view' function, it spits out the following:

SELECT dbo.[2010 Q3].*, dbo.[2010 Q4].*, dbo.[2011 Q1].*, dbo.[2011 Q2].*, dbo.[2011 Q3].*, dbo.[2011 Q4].*, dbo.[2012 Q1].*, dbo.[2012 Q2].*, dbo.[2012 Q3].*, dbo.[2013 Q2].*, dbo.[2013 Q1].*, dbo.[2012 Q4].*, dbo.[2014 Q1].*, dbo.[2013 Q4].*, dbo.[2013 Q3].*, dbo.[2014 Q2].* FROM dbo.[2010 Q3] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2010 Q4] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2011 Q1] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2011 Q2] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2011 Q3] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2011 Q4] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2012 Q1] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2012 Q2] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2012 Q3] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2012 Q4] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2013 Q1] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2013 Q2] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2013 Q3] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2013 Q4] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2014 Q1] CROSS JOIN dbo.[2014 Q2]

All of my tables have the identical column names/properties. The error message I receive is


Column names in each view or function must be unique. Column name XY is specified more than once.


The goal is to query all tables by just querying against the AllQtrs view. Any help?


You must specify the names manually and define unique names for them. This way you'll show the columns. An example would be

SELECT dbo.[2010 Q3].Column1 AS 2010Q3Column1, dbo.[2010 Q3].Column2 As 2010Q3Column2, dbo.[2010 Q3].Column1 As 2010Q4Column1 etc.

Btw, make sure that CROSS JOIN is really what you want - looks like you actually want to use UNION ALL here. CROSS JOIN will return cartesian product of all rows from all tables, i.e. if there are 10 rows in each table, it will be 10^16 records, which definitely won't complete in a few decades.

With UNION ALL it will look like:

SELECT Column1, Column2 {add here the remaining column names} FROM dbo.[2010 Q3] UNION ALL SELECT Column1, Column2 {add here the remaining column names} FROM dbo.[2010 Q4] UNION ALL SELECT Column1, Column2 {add here the remaining column names} FROM dbo.[2011 Q1] UNION ALL ...etc


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