Animation process in Matlab


I am just learning how to use Matlab. The problem is animating simple 2D plots. In trying to animate a line from (0,0) to (0, 10) connecting them in an animation I have this so far:

x = 0; p = plot(x, y, 'o', 'EraseMode', 'none'); % p is the handle, for later manipulations axis equal for k = 0:1:10 % the idea here is to have k go from 0 to 10 and set y to that value y = k; set(p,'XData', x, 'YData', y) % then this adds another point based on that new y drawnow end

The problem is, when this is run, is that it only plots the first point. Any help appreciated.


You should draw a line define by two points, and then at each iteration update the y value of the second point:

h = plot([0 0],[0 0]); %// draw line initially axis([-1 1 0 10]) %// freeze axis to see how the line grows for k = 0:.1:10 set(h,'YData',[0 k]) %// update second y value drawnow end


MATLAB introduced a new way of animating lines, starting with version R2014b, called <a href="https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/animatedline.html" rel="nofollow">animatedLine</a>.

Here's how you can use it to draw the vertical line in your question.

x = 0; h = animatedline(); set(gca,'ylim',[0 10],'xlim',[-5 5],'box','on'); for y=0:0.0001:10; addpoints(h,x,y); drawnow update end

Adjust the step size (0.001 in this example) to increase or decrease your animation speed as necessary. To get a set frames per second you will want to look into a timer callback instead.


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