Select top 1 for distinct value according to time


I got following tables :


ID FriendID GroupID Public 1 F1 YES 2 F2 YES 3 F3 NO 3 G1 YES 4 G2 YES 6 F4 NO 7 F5 YES 8 G3 NO


ID FriendID GroupID MyMessage MyTime 1 F1 A1 2 2 F4 A2 3 3 F1 A3 1 3 G2 Y1 1 4 G2 Y2 3 6 F3 A4 3 7 F3 A5 4 8 G3 Y3 5 9 F4 A6 5 10 F4 A7 6

I need to fetch the latest message(only Top 1) i.e. decreasing order of time. Also, followed by the remaining list of friend or group in my list

Hence, i will need query which will return following output:


ID FriendID GroupID MyMessage MyTime 1 F4 A7 6 2 G3 Y3 5 3 F3 A5 4 4 G2 Y2 3 5 F1 A1 2 6 F2 0 7 F5 0 8 G2 0

i'm using SQLite


To get records for friends/groups that do not have messages, use an <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Join_%28SQL%29#Outer_join" rel="nofollow">outer join</a>.

To get a single key, which makes joining easier, use the <a href="http://www.sqlite.org/lang_corefunc.html#coalesce" rel="nofollow">coalesce function</a>. (This requires that the empty fields are NULL.)

To get one result record for each group of records use GROUP BY:

SELECT tblMyFriends.FriendID, tblMyFriends.GroupID, tblMessages.MyMessage, MAX(tblMessages.MyTime) FROM tblMyFriends LEFT JOIN tblMessages ON COALESCE(tblMyFriends.FriendID, tblMyFriends.GroupID) = COALESCE(tblMessages.FriendID, tblMessages.GroupID) GROUP BY tblMyFriends.FriendID, tblMyFriends.GroupID

This requires SQLite 3.7.11 or later; otherwise, the MyMessage values will not be from the same record that matches the MAX.


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