Gathering protocol from remote control helicopter


I have a (S107G) mini helicopter, and an Arduino. The possibilities sounded quite fun. So I set off to find the protocol for the transfer of data from controller to helicopter with IR. I used this code to try to figure out something of it.

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(12, INPUT_PULLUP); // 12 is IR sensor } void loop() { Serial.print(digitalRead(12) ? LOW : HIGH); delay(1); }

Obviously there a number of flaws with this.

<ol><li>delay(1); is arbitrarily chosen, I have no way of knowing at what speed data is transmitted.</li> <li>It could be an analog input. (Though I doubt it, as most IR sensors I found don't support that)</li> <li>I have no way of knowing when a "packet" starts or ends.</li> </ol>

If any of you have an idea of how to do this I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

EDIT: I found <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14774794/how-to-determine-checksum-from-decoded-ir-remotes" rel="nofollow">this on SO</a> and it sounds very nice, but he didn't go into depth as to how he did it, and what his findings were (speed, etc.)


You can find the complete code library <a href="https://github.com/mpflaga/Arduino-IRremote" rel="nofollow">here on my GITHUB</a> in which you will find the examples of IRsendDemoHelicopter.ino and IRrecvDump.ino. These and the IRremote.cpp should answer your questions. I have had it on my plan (for sometime) to implement the transmitter on an Esplora.

Below are the Micro Seconds, found at <a href="https://github.com/mpflaga/Arduino-IRremote/blob/master/IRremoteInt.h#L192" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/mpflaga/Arduino-IRremote/blob/master/IRremoteInt.h#L192</a>

#define SYMA_UPDATE_PERIOD_CH_A 120 // 0 #define SYMA_UPDATE_PERIOD_CH_B 180 // 1 #define SYMA_HDR_MARK 2000 #define SYMA_HDR_SPACE 2000 #define SYMA_BIT_MARK 320 #define SYMA_ONE_SPACE 687 #define SYMA_ZERO_SPACE 300

and here is the pattern of bits for both the R3 and R5. I believe the R5 is the most common being in production.

union helicopter { uint32_t dword; struct { uint8_t Throttle : 7; // 0..6 0 - 127 uint8_t Channel : 1; // 7 A=0, B=1 uint8_t Pitch : 7; // 8..14 0(forward) - 63(center) 127(back) uint8_t Pspacer : 1; // 15 na uint8_t Yaw : 7; // 16..22 127(left) - 63(center) - 0(right) } symaR3; struct { uint8_t Trim : 7; // 0..6 127(left) - 63(center) - 0(right) uint8_t Tspacer : 1; // 7 na uint8_t Throttle : 7; // 8..14 0 - 127 uint8_t Channel : 1; // 15 A=0, B=1 uint8_t Pitch : 7; // 16..22 0(forward) - 63(center) 127(back) uint8_t Pspacer : 1; // 23 na uint8_t Yaw : 7; // 24..30 127(left) - 63(center) - 0(right) } symaR5; };

but it is always possible they have come out with a new pattern.


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