How do I tick all checkboxes of the other sections by ticking a checkbox found inside the current se


The folliwing fiddle is ok, read below what I need to change at it.

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/V5SSM/14/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/V5SSM/14/</a>

You click on ☑ Subsection 1.1 and then all other get clicked:

<ul><li>☑ Subsection 2.1</li> <li>☑ Subsection 2.2</li> <li>☑ Subsection 2.3</li> <li>☑ Subsection 2.4</li> <li>☑ Subsection 3.1</li> <li>☑ Subsection 3.2</li> <li>☑ Subsection 3.3</li> <li>☑ Subsection 3.4</li> </ul>

Here is the HTML tree:

Section 1

Subsection 1.1 Subsection 1.2 Subsection 1.3 Subsection 1.4

Section 2

Subsection 2.1 Subsection 2.2 Subsection 2.3 Subsection 2.4

Section 3

Subsection 3.1 Subsection 3.2 Subsection 3.3 Subsection 3.4

More Details:

You can see that the current jsfiddle example works. It works to tick all checkboxes of the current section while ticking one checkbox from inside the current section. I want it to work the same, but not to tick checkboxes of its own section, rather to tick all other checkboxes of the other sections.

Example: I select with "Subsection 1.1" all other sections that are not Section 1. "Subsection 1.1" should select all other: Subsection 2.1, Subsection 2.2, Subsection 2.3, Subsection 2.4, Subsection 3.1, Subsection 3.2, Subsection 3.3, Subsection 3.4


You can handle click on all checkboxes using event delegation mechanism by attaching the handler on the first common ancestor :

var type = 'input[type="checkbox"]'; $('#selectAllButton').on('click', function () { $(type).prop('checked', true).closest('label').addClass('c_on'); }); $('#selectNoneButton').on('click', function () { $(type).prop('checked', false).closest('label').removeClass('c_on'); }); // event Delegation $('#docbuilder').click(function(e){ var $t = $(this), $tar = $(e.target); // The node that has been clicked // If checkbox if($tar.is(type)){ var cbRemaining = $tar.closest('blockquote').find(type+':checked').length, /* counting how many checked checkboxes remain inside the current section */ $otherCb = $t.children(':nth-child(n+3)').not($tar.closest('.document')[0]).find(type), /* Retrieve all checkboxes except the ones that belong to the current section */ state = $tar.prop('checked'); // get the checked property of the checkbox beiing clicked // If subsection checkbox if($tar.closest('.subsection').length){ if( !cbRemaining ){ $tar.closest('blockquote').prev().find(type).prop('checked', false); } if( !cbRemaining || cbRemaining==1 && state){ $otherCb.prop('checked', state); } $tar.parent()[(state ? 'addClass':'removeClass')]('c_on'); // should we add or remove the color class on the checkbox label // If section checkbox } else if($tar.closest('.section').length){ if(state) $otherCb.prop('checked', false); $tar.parent().siblings().find(type).prop('checked', state) .parent()[(state ? 'addClass':'removeClass')]('c_on'); } } });

You may need to modify this code a bit accordingly to some constraints not yet taken into account.


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