Returning value from javascript object [duplicate]


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I have created a javascript object and im trying to fetch som data from it. Im using jquery ajax to fetch send some values and then returing them from a php script. this works, but when i try to use an instanse of my javascript object to dispaly the value i get 'undefined'.


var getDBresults = (function () { function getResult(url,TableName ,callback){ $.ajax({ url: url, type: 'POST', data: { 'table':TableName, }, success: function(data){ callback(data); }, error: function(event){ alert(event.error); } }); } return { getAllVideoes: function(){ getResult("getAllResults.php", "videoer", function(data){ console.log(data); //Works return data; }); }, } })();

<strong>in my other script:</strong>

var obj = getDBresults; var data = obj.getAllVideoes(); //this runs, and produce the log showed above console.log(data) //results in undefined console.log(obj.getAllVideoes()) //results in undefined


Maybe you can use callbacks it will solve your async problems: <a href="http://recurial.com/programming/understanding-callback-functions-in-javascript/" rel="nofollow">http://recurial.com/programming/understanding-callback-functions-in-javascript/</a>


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